What is GFRC?

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (hereinafter GFRC) is a special concrete production technology with many applications. It is perfectly suitable for facade decoration, fireplace decoration, bathroom sinks and kitchen countertops due to its unique properties and strength.

GFRC is made by combining a mixture of sand, cement, polymer, water and fiberglass.

Some of the many advantages of GFRC include:

Possibility to manufacture lightweight concrete – the density and strength of concrete remains the same as that of ordinary concrete, but thanks to GFRC technology we can manufacture a thinner concrete, which makes it much lighter than the standard material.

High resistance to compression, tension and high flexibility: – The high proportion of fiberglass provides tensile strength, while the polymer provides flexibility and resistance to cracking. Proper reinforcement will increase the strength of the product in the future and is necessary when visible cracks are undesirable.